Kristian Cosme

EVP - Membership


Kristian currently resides in Orlando, Florida where he is a Senior Compliance Analyst in the Compliance and Integrity Organization in the Customer Care organization. Prior to this, Kristian spent numerous years as a Collections Call Center Manager. Through his 18+ year tenure at AT&T, he’s had the opportunity to manage several team types, and be a part of various employee groups helping to give back to the community. Kristian is also the 2019 Recipient of the AT&T Community Impact Award for all of his work in the community.

Personal Life

Born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico , Kristian and his family moved to Florida when he was about 5 years old. Kristian grew up in a working-class family with parents who fostered in him the idea that there is no limit on what he could achieve. They inspired him to excel and instilled in him that education was the greatest pursuit. Kristian understands how vital it is for youth to have supportive relationships with people who understand and accept them. When asked about the importance of mentoring young people, he said “to find people who are like you during your critical teen years can make all the difference.” That drive and motivation led him to become the first member of his family to graduate High School (Colonial High School Class of 1998) and he continued to the University of Central Florida to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Kristian came to AT&T as a call center representative in 2003.

Professional Life

Kristian loves giving back to his community and has done so through mentoring opportunities with at risk youth, volunteering with LGBTQIA+ organizations and political actions. Kristian served as the Chair of the Young Democrats of America LGBTQA+ Caucus. During his tenure, Kristian helped organize events across the USA to assist LGBTQIA+ candidates become elected to local/state and national office. He also approved more inclusive language to be used in the organization’s bylaws, effectively affecting change in the national Democratic Party. He is also the recipient of the Most Remarkable People of 2019 Award for the Watermark, a local Central Florida publication.